The Ironic Distance


Lowercase Noises Presents

The Ironic Distance

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These songs came about during a somewhat unprecedented burst of energy and creativity following a living room tour that ended in November 2017. I limited myself to only guitar and synthesizer (with the exception of a piano part on one song that was screaming to exist). The resulting songs are minimal and focused within comfortable arrangements that never take you by surprise, but rather move you along at a satisfyingly slow pace.

I wrote these songs for myself, because I needed a little extra peace and I needed something to move slower than the world around me. Maybe you'll find the same things in these songs, but more importantly I hope you find what you need in them, even if it's something I never thought to articulate through song. To me, that's the most beautiful part of creative expression and it's an honor to be part of the artistic ecosystem.



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Limited Colored Vinyl

This vinyl will NOT be re-pressed once it is sold out. Make sure you grab one now! 2/3 of the vinyl will be an opaque bone color, while the remaining 1/3 will be a transparent milky white.